Tatton Oak Funds

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The Tatton Oak Funds of Funds have been designed to meet the changing needs of a wide spectrum of investors. We aim to deliver the best by combining both active and passive investment styles, by investing in a broad range of asset classes from around the world. This approach seeks to provide the best available returns in a consistent manner, against a given level of risk as experienced by investors through rising and falling investment values.

Target market information is available from Fund Partners, the Authorised Corporate Director and manufacturer of the funds.

A diversified portfolio held within a single fund

The Tatton Oak Funds are highly diversified, actively managed, multi-asset products, which invest by holding single asset class funds selected from the breadth of the market place. They are essentially a complete fund portfolio, neatly wrapped up within a tax and operationally efficient structure, designed to fit within pre-defined risk levels.

There are four multi-manager portfolio funds that contain a balanced spread of investments, across the main asset-classes and global regions. The portfolios are managed on a daily basis in order with the objective that each portfolio delivers consistent returns against a defined set of investment objectives.