Our Blended Fund Range

Following the success of our discretionary investment portfolios, we have launched three funds to expand our offering to those platforms which do not offer a model portfolio service.

These three funds, each with their own specific risk profile (Cautious, Balanced and Active), are anchored around a ‘blended’ investment management style bringing together the best of active and tracker based investments at low cost. The Annual Management Charge is just 0.30% and the OCF ranges between 0.59 and 0.71%.

What do we mean by ‘blended’?

There are two main types of funds that make up our investment portfolios: active and tracker.

Active fund managers thoroughly research and select securities to invest in, responding to changing external factors. Active funds are generally more expensive than tracker funds. Tracker funds have a rule based systematic approach from the outset, which is rarely varied. Many simply aim to mirror assets in a certain index, like the FTSE 100 for example. This is why the two styles of investing are called ‘active’ and ‘tracker’ respectively.

Our Blended Fund Range is comprised of approximately 50% tracker and 50% active investments.

Why invest in our Blended Fund Range?

If you are concerned about higher fund fees from active investment but do not wish to be restricted from available investment opportunities, our Blended Fund Range may be appropriate.

Our investment team has designed our Blended Fund Range according to the same maxim that guides all our products: maximum investment performance at the lowest possible price, managed according to clearly defined and adhered to risk profiles. These principles do not come at the expense of results.

Our Blended Fund Range requires no minimum investment and can be accessed via your existing investment platform or off-platform solution.

The result? A Blended Fund Range you can depend on.

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